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Hello! My name is Tara.


I'm a twenty-something from Southern Illinois. (The most southern you can go without slipping into Kentucky.) I grew up in the heart of the Shawnee National Forest and was lucky enough in my youth to have a grandmother that instilled in me the love of art and poetry. The simple beauty of forests, fields, and flowers on the side of a gravel road. The allure of a man-made structure being taken back by nature. Tall tales and ghost stories. These are the things I love to capture with my camera. Along with the faces and loved ones that surround me and support me. 

I started getting into photography in high school. I loved taking pictures of my friends and telling stories with my camera. At the time, I just had a small Sony point and shoot, but it did the job. After high school, I got my first real DLSR camera and knew for a fact this was something I wanted to do. Since then, I studied photography and film at Southern Illinois University and received a degree in both. After, I moved to St. Louis, MO to pursue my passion and gather all the experience and hands on knowledge I can get my hands on. 

Something I've learned along my journey, you never stop learning, you never stop growing. I want to always be moving toward being better, more creative, more unique, have more experiences.   

Tara Garrett

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